What We Do

We maintain a living collection of classic cars and motorbikes and motoring memorabilia with our collection growing and changing on a daily basis. These are not all concourse vehicles in glorious condition some of them are as you would’ve found them on the streets at the time when they were used. they are conserved rather than restored and put to daily use or as much use as we can get out of them with a smile.






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We at MDHOOT are passionate about all things related to motoring from motoring history to present day and all things encompassed between these times, more importantly we are passionate about people and we are at a time in our lives were we can spend the time having a brew having a chat, and learning from each other.

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What we offer

Whether you want to rent a car for using in a social media shoot, whether you are a film or television production company and wish to use our vehicles in the street scenes or someone who wishes to just treat a loved one to a special memory in a car that they used to drive when they were much much younger. our cars are here and available for daily hire at competitive rates.

For those that find the transition from today’s cars to yesterday’s cars difficult we have a fully certified driving instructor available to give you guidance before you take one of our classic cars out on the road, your safety and pleasure is our priority.

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Looking to buy a classic car?

All our cars are always for sale, it’s part of how we keep our collection alive with change. If you see a car that you like please ask us for further details.

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